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Duchovny Wanted The Simpsons To Guest Star On The X-Files

It appears that David Duchovny used to hound the writers of "The X-Files" to create an episode featuring animated characters from "The Simpsons".

The actor and his co-star Gillian Anderson loaned their voices to the cartoon series for an X-Files-themed episode entitled "The Springfield Files" in 1997. The episode, in which FBI agents, Mulder and Scully, travel to Springfield to investigate Homer's reports of seeing a strange glowing alien in the woods after consuming large amounts of "Red Tick Bear", became an instant classic.

Duchovny is convinced that writers on the sci fi show should have reciprocated and given the Simpson family a cameo role on the live-action series.

He says, "The Simpsons should have come on our show. I had an idea around the seventh or eighth year and thought we should try a (1988 movie) Roger Rabbit-style episode, where they crossed real folk and animation.

"We could do Homer comes to the FBI and deals with cartoon characters. I still feel it's a good idea."

Maybe Duchovny was on to something?

The Simpsons #245 Final Issue October 2018 Bongo Comics Grade NM - $3.99

Written by Nathan Kane. Art by Rex Lindsey. Cover by Jason Ho and Nathan Kane. It's a Simpsons Comics send off! Join Bongo for the final issue of Simpsons Comics in a series finale that's been 25 years in the making! When Lisa brings home a lovable new pet from All Creatures Great and Small and Cheap, it seems like the perfect gift. But this new addition to the family turns out to be much more than anyone could have expected, and soon Springfield itself is in danger. Only one person can save the town from total disaster, but they're too busy taking a nap! It's a tale of twists, turns, irradiated missteps, and surprise cameos that will have your head spinning, bosom heaving, and wallet screaming to be emptied! A heartfelt series farewell from your pals at Bongo. We hate to say goodbye, so let's just leave it at 'Smell ya later!' 28 pages, full color.

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