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Everything You Need to Know About She-Hulk

From Marvel Comics

She-Hulk AKA Jennifer Walters is not only a super important Avenger AND member of the Fantastic Four, she is also just exceedingly unique. Unlike the Hulk and the Thing, she is PUMPED to be transformed into She-Hulk. Well, not at first, but she quickly becomes one of the few heroes who really seems to love being a hero. She loves being big, green, and powerful. Plus, in my mind, she’s a classic comedy character – not so different from characters like Deadpool. Sure, she’s had a ton of drama, but at her core, I think she is at her best and brightest when she is living her fab single life and fighting weird villains, breaking the fourth wall, and wildly flirting with anything that moves.  


She-Hulk was introduced in 1979 in SAVAGE SHE-HULK #1 by Stan Lee, Steve Buscema, and Chic Stone. In issue #2, the book is handed off to David Anthony Kraft, Mike Vosburg, and Chic Stone for pretty much the remainder of that 25-issue run. 

Jennifer Walters was raised in Los Angeles by her father Sheriff Morris Walters and her mother Elaine Banner-Walters, who died in a suspicious accident. During this time, she became close with her cousin Bruce Banner while spending summers in Ohio. She went to UCLA’s law school and became a lawyer to fight baddies like her dad.

We first meet Jen while she’s investigating the bad dudes who killed her mom including Nick Trask, whom Jen was defending after he framed his personal guard for murder. Trask put the hit out on her and she gets shot. But Bruce happened to be visiting from New York City, and when Jen needs an immediate blood infusion, he was the one to help out – turning her into She-Hulk.


She-Hulk #6 October 2004 Marvel Comics Grade NM - $9.99

Written by Dan Slott Penciled by PAUL PELLETIER Cover by Mike Mayhew

"THE BIG PICTURE" Part 2 (of 2)?

SHE-HULK must protect her law firm from an all- out assault by THE MAD THINKER and an ARMY OF SUPER-VILLAINS! Will AWESOME ANDY side with his old master? And what about the all-new super-villain, SOUTHPAW? Now that her shocking secret is out in the open, what will become of her? Special appearances by dozens of Marvel's best bad-guys, including: Electro, Sandman, Tiger Shark, Vermin, the Absorbing Man and many more...!

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