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Throwback Thursday: The Man Who Would Be Hulk

From Atomic Robot Comics & Toys

Iron Man #132 (1968 1st Series) March 1980 Marvel Comics Grade F/VF - $9.99

Plot by David Michelinie and Bob Layton. Script by David Michelinie. Art by Jerry Bingham (breakdowns) and Bob Layton (finishes). Cover by Bob Layton.

"The Man Who Would Be Hulk" Part 2 of 3: Guest-starring the Hulk and Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man)

In a surprising turn of events, the pulse regulator implanted inside Bruce Banner worked! And prevented him from turning into the Hulk! However it didn't stop the Hulk's persona from emerging! And now Tony and his associates have a raging mad Bruce Banner on their hands! But before they can solve this new problem, the gamma radiation inside Dr. Banner's body degrades the pulse regulator! And the Green Goliath lives again! Finally Shell-Head's fans get what they want! The Invincible Iron Man vs. the Incredible Hulk! Wow! Cameo appearances by Jim Rhodes, Dr. Erica Sondheim, Dr. Wilfred Maxwell, and the Titanium Man. (Notes: This issue features an awesome full-page panel of the golden avenger knocking out the Hulk. This issue also includes a sideways full-page ad featuring Batroc the Leaper promoting Crazy Magazine.)

1st printing. This comic book is in used condition and is complete with cover and all pages attached it has flaws that warrant a F/VF grade. Comic Book will be shipped bagged and boarded!

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