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Retro Sci-Fi: Attack Of The 50ft Woman (1958)

From The Monster Island News Archives

Nancy Archer (Allison Hayes) had something funny happen to her on the way home from the insane asylum. She saw a UFO. Only trouble is no one will believe her. Go figure.

Her husband couldn’t be happier though. If Nancy is still insane than he can continue his affair with the curvy Honey Parker (Yvette Vickers). Her constant ramblings give him all the ammo he needs to have her shipped right back to the nut house.

Nancy knows what she saw, and is convinced that she is no longer the crazy person she once was, so she flees her adulterous husband and returns to the dessert to find evidence to prove her story. She finds the UFO but its alien pilot uses a strange ray on her and she soon grows to an enormous size.

The now giant size jilted wife goes on a destructive rampage through the town in search of her husband and his lover. The wrath of a woman scorned is then played out to its fullest extent.

Be careful men. The woman whose heart you break may one day grow to a gigantic size and ruin your weekend. Not to mention the town you live in.

The film was directed by Nathan Juran (credited as Nathan Hertz) and written by Mark Hanna who also penned The Amazing Colossal Man, a film that shared a lot in common with Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. The films star, Allison Hayes, had previously starred in the Francis the Talking Mule films.

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman(1958) Aka: The Astounding Giant Woman Woolner Brothers Pictures Inc.

Directed By: Nathan Juran Written By: Mark Hanna

Cast: Allison Hayes as Nancy Fowler Archer William Hudson as Harry Archer Yvette Vickers as Honey Parker Roy Gordon as Dr. Isaac Cushing George Douglas as Sheriff Dubbitt Ken Terrell as Jess Stout Otto Waldis as Dr. Heinrich Von Loeb Eileen Stevens as Nurse Michael Ross as Tony/Space Giant Frank Chase as Deputy Charlie Thomas E. Jackson as Uranium Prospector Dale Tateas as KRKR-TV Reporter

Runtime: 65 min Country: USA Language: English Color: Black and White Sound: Mono Released: May 19, 1958

Mummified Remains Of B Movie Actress And Playboy Model Yvette Vickers Discovered In Home

May 3, 2011

I said today was about the strange and this story is very strange and actually very sad when you think about it.

By now you have probably already heard about this, but in case you haven't, the mummified remains of Actress and Playboy model Yvette Vickers were removed from her dilapidated Beverly Hills home on Monday.

Yes, I said mummified ... that's not a typo.

The police were called to Vickers home after neighbors, finally, thought it was strange that they hadn't seen the actress in quite some time and that the house was falling apart. Upon entering the home the authorities discovered Vickers remains and estimated that she had been dead at least a year.

That's the sad part, she was an elderly 82-year-old woman, and her neighbors didn't realize that hadn't seen her in over a year?

Ug! Anyway Vickers was most noted for her roles in the classic B monster movies "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" and "Attack of the Giant Leeches" and her modeling for Playboy magazine in the 1960s.

We really need to start paying more attention to the elderly. Here is a tragic story of a beloved actress that people just simply forgot about. Out of the spotlight out of mind. I'm sorry to report that this sort of thing has happened way too many times for my soul to remain silent about.

People shouldn't be pushed aside when their looks fade and they stop entertaining us in films and on TV.



From Svengoolie

Okay- you say you STILL haven’t had enough turkey? Well, we’ve got a real turkey for you tonight on MeTV, though a highly entertaining one! You’ll get a queen-sized helping of a troubled beauty who has an alien encounter- that makes her a big woman in town, ready to knock the stuffing out of anyone who crosses her!! It’s not an attack of indigestion- it’s the “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”!

This 1958 sci-fi favorite opens with a newscast- featuring reports of sightings of a fireball streaking across the sky over various locations! Its current trajectory would bring it directly over the California desert. This proves to be more than accurate, as a woman driving on a desert road not only spots it- but almost runs right into it! Said  “fireball” is actually a satellite ( as it’s referred to throughout the film, though it actually looks like a big white weather balloon) that has now touched down to earth. The lady can’t escape, since her car stalls. As she exits the vehicle to try to escape, we see a giant hand reaching for her! She barely escapes on foot, shouting all the while for her husband Harry.


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